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I literally have not even been home for half an hour, but I am so excited about an appointment that I booked today with Paula Aradi of Eyes on Skin Spa, that I had to submit a review and let the world know.

Eyes on Skin Spa is in North Arlington (Ballston Quarter), conveniently located by the Ballston Metro, but ample near-by parking if you drive. The atmosphere is relaxed, PRISTINE…from the front desk…to the bathroom…to the spa room, with a positive vibe, complimented by the most inviting fragrance.

The AMAZING Front Desk Associate, Nicole greeted me and she has the most genuine, positive and inviting energy. She was so approachable, that I was able to converse with her, ask questions as a newbie and she even offered great suggestions. Many clients were calling to book appointments, and she is an expert at managing the in-person client’s need, while tending to the telephonic client’s need, as well. Nicole makes you feel so welcomed and relaxed. She is an awesome first impression.

SAY IT WITH ME…”Paula Aradi, the esthetician, is THE BEST!!!!” She exudes positive, upbeat energy. When she called me in for my service, the room was so inviting and I felt so comfortable, that I did not want to leave. She asked me about the history of my skin and what my goals were. After I explained to her, then she gave me several options (HydraFacial, Deep Cleansing Detox Facial and many others). We agreed on the Jessner, that would give me a quicker exfoliating – peel result, but have lasting effect. She guided me through the process. She did NOT try to steer me in a particular direction, based on price, she told me what THE best option for me was. I could tell that Paula listened to me, because afterwards, my face radiated and felt like silk. The dullness was no longer evident. I immediately booked my next appointment to get the HydraFacial, because I can already see a huge difference with the service I received today. Paula advised me on after-care; which made me confident that I could maintain the treatment.

Don’t you want to invest in a business where people respect YOU, respect your dollar, provide stellar customer services and offer the finest products? Well, Eyes on Skin Spa is THE place for your skincare needs. You will not regret booking an appointment.

Amanda Argueta

I decided to give Eyes on Skin a try after reading all their positive reviews! First timer on getting a facial done. Paula was amazing!! She analyzed my skin and suggested the best treatment for my skin since I was dealing with dryness in certain areas. The environment was super calm and pleasant. I enjoyed chatting with her while getting my facial done which helped me feel relaxed. Also made me happy she likes getting to know her clients rather than being all “business related”. Definitely plan on going back! Thank you, Paula.


One of the best, if not the best, spa in the metropolitan area. This place is incredibly clean and my esthetician is amazing. She takes her time, which is what I am most impressed with. She treats the more visible areas of concern with extensive care and is particularly more attentive in those areas. I’m really excited to see how my skin looks in the next 6 months. So happy I found this place!

Services:Microneedling, PRP facial

Xiomara Gutierrez

Eyes on skin spa is the best one I have ever been to. Paula and her team are great. Customer service is always at 100%. Don’t forget to mention the Eyes on Skin website, it’s very informative. Paula makes sure to keep her clients updated on any new services or products being added to the spa. If you love the city, you will love the location just like I do. I will definitely recommend Eyes On Skin to any family/friends that would love to be pampered.

P.S.- in the reception area, snacks and drinks are available for clients while they wait. Sometimes, mimosas or champagne can be offered, but shhh. I love this Spa!

Alena Abraham

I drove 1.5 hours to Eyes on Skin. The experience was so worth it. Paula was very communicative through email from the very beginning and replied immediately. Paula accommodated me very well even before I arrived. The environment was calming and the staff at the office were extremely kind. I’ve gotten facials done before but the one I had from Cassie was next level. I had seen reviews on her before I came and it did not disappoint. She is very good at what she does and goes above and beyond. The massages and treatment were amazing. I had the signature hydrafacial, dermaplane, and light therapy. The massages and techniques she did on me were amazing. I hope to come back soon. Being a student it can be difficult to afford it but it is worth it. It was a 10/10 experience. I highly recommend going there.

James Decker

One of the best spa experiences I’ve had in the DC area. Atmosphere was immediately relaxing and the treatments were high end and luxurious. Products were high quality. Was like walking into a high-end resort.

Paula is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced aestheticians in this area. It was immediately apparent that her expertise was incredible. No question she was making the best decisions about my skin care with each treatment.